Some months back, Erik Davis wrote a very definitive piece on the cancellation of television show Arrested Development. Like Erik, I adored the show and was distraught when it finally got canned (after a long-fought battle). Though there were rumors of the show jumping either to a different channel or turning into a motion picture, nothing developed, and the creators seemed willing to just let the thing die after such a disappointing fight.

Following on the back of comments made by AD writers, however, Will Arnett (one of the show's stars, for the foolish among you who didn't watch it) recently told IGN Filmforce he wouldn't be surprised to see the Bluts jump to a movie in the future. Arnett said: "Yeah, there has been talk of that. I don't know exactly where they're at with that. I've talked about it with Mitch [Hurwitz] and Jason [Bateman] and a little bit with a bunch of people involved with the show and different producers." He later noted that any final decision would rest with Hurwitz, the creator of the show, saying "If the story was right and you felt like that the story was right, and by story I mean money, was large enough, then he'd do it ...".

Not sure how the format of the television should would translate into a film, but I'm willing to give Hurwitz 100% faith.
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