It was on this day in 1966 that Frank Sinatra, then in his early 50s, married Mia Farrow, then in her early 20s. Two years later, Farrow had her hair chopped into a pixie cut by Vidal Sassoon for her role in Rosemary's Baby, causing an uproar in women's fashion trends. In fact, one could argue that Farrow's biggest and best-known act in her public life was to have her hair cut off. Certainly her waiflike role in the 1968 Roman Polanski horror film is the performance for which she is most often remembered (well, that and the whole thing with Woody Allen).

It wasn't long after Farrow's notable haircut that Sinatra had her served with divorce papers on the set of Rosemary's Baby. Not because of the pixie 'do, but because she wouldn't quit the film to costar in The Detective with him. Since most of us have heard of or seen Rosemary's Baby, and The Detective has fallen into obscurity, do you think she made the right decision?
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