Zero Wing achieved a life (of sorts) beyond anything its creators could have ever imagined when the poorly translated game starred in one of the internet's most popular phenomenon known to the net world as All Your Base. Surely you've seen it. Touched up a bit with dubbed voices, the video features scenes from a terribly translated video game, and follows with a slew of random images employing the catchphrase "all your base are belong to us."

The hot new phenom of this year is obviously Sam Jackson's upcoming cinematic epic Snakes on a Plane, which has already gained a loyal following and cult film status prior to actually being released. And from deep in the files of You Probably Should Have Seen This Coming comes the unholy union of the two -- All Your Snakes. It replaces the original baddie with Cobra Commander (a wise choice) and includes a new selection of images featuring the slightly modified catchphrase "all your snakes are belong to us." The best picture in the montage has to be an airline departure board listing several delayed and canceled flights with one plane's flight status given as "Snakes!"