Man, you know you're getting old when little Haley Joel Osment is driving -- did you know he was 18-years-old already? The actor, who is set to play a high school journalist covering a basketball team in the upcoming Home of the Giants, was driving his 1995 Saturn (Wait, why is Osment driving a 1995 Saturn?) in a suburb of Los Angeles at about 1am when he lost control of the car, hit a brick pillar and flipped over. LA Country Sheriff's Lt. Greg Sisneros said Osment was awake and talking following the crash, though he had no further information on the star's current status. Here's hoping the kid is okay.

In somewhat related news, actor Daniel Baldwin (brother of Alec) was in a high speed crash of his own after plowing into two parked cars in a rented silver Thunderbird going approximately 80 miles per hour. Baldwin, who has been battling a substance abuse problem for awhile now, is being held in police custody at the UCLA Medical Center. Sources say he could face drunk-driving charges.

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