Since we can't go a day without at least six "Hey, we're turning another comic book into a movie!" announcement, clearly all of the major studio heads are screaming "More comics! Bring me more!" at every intern who walks by, and those interns are currently earning their $6.50/hour. One of today's announcements concerns Deadman, once a trapeze artist named Boston Brand (Yes, that's really his name.) who is mysteriously murdered during a performance. After his death, Deadman's spirit is "granted the power to possess the living in order to search for his murderer as well as help the innocent." So, as the wikipedia article on the character suggests, it's basically a really dark cross between Quantum Leap and The Fugitive? Cool.

Because he's been around for a while (the character first appeared in 1967), Deadman surely has some hard-core devotees out there who are going to have very strong feelings about the casting of the film. So far, however, nothing has been revealed beyond the presence of comics-lover Guillermo del Toro as a producer. A screenwriter is currently being sought.
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