Comic-Con 2006

Greetings from glorious San Diego -- or as Ron 'The Anchorman' Burgundy would say, "Greetings from glorious Whale's Vagina!" I just returned from Comic-Con Preview Night at the San Diego Convention Center, and I thought I'd share a couple photos and observations as a first-time attendee of the conference.

Now, I came into this experience hoping -- nay, fully expecting -- to see diehard comic and movie fans dressed to the nines in their superhero finery, and I was almost -- almost -- foiled. By some sort of mystical fortuity, I bumped into the kind gentleman pictured to the left at the exact moment I was walking out the doors, and he graciously agreed to pose for me. I repaid him by snapping a Michael Bay-esque "hero shot," which is so named because it's taken from a low vantage point looking up at the subject and thus makes him appear heroic and imposing. Although the costume colors don't match up exactly, I think he was going for a 'Nacho Libre' look with the gold spandex shirt, red soccer pants and purple cape. Well played, Naaaaaacho!

Comic-Con 2006

The next thing I noted was that the place was completely packed (see photo to the right). I suspected there would be crowds, but nothing like this. I got there at about a quarter to 6:00 PM, the official start time of the preview night, and found lines thousands-upon-thousands strong patiently waiting for admission into the hall where all the comic-book stations are set up. When the clock struck six, there arose from the great throng a simultaneous, unanimous and deafening "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah." It was the kind of resounding exclamation one might expect to hear from a legion of solidiers in the banquet hall of a medieval castle while raising cups of meade in the aftermath of a rousing speech from their king. So yeah, this was exactly like that.

And finally, on my way over to the convention center, I walked past a bar called Kansas City BBQ, which flaunts a banner that reads: Now Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of 'Top Gun.' In addition, there is a huge neon sign of the 'Top Gun' logo in the window. Now, 'Great Balls of Fire' wasn't on the jukebox when I walked past, but I had a slight hunch that Kansas City BBQ might be the bar where they filmed Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis rocking out to 'Great Balls.' Some quick online research confirmed this fact, which means one thing: I will be heading to Kansas City BBQ tomorrow night to pound out 'Great Balls of Fire' in the hopes that a lovely San Diego lady will scream, "Hey Tommy, take me to bed or lose me forever!"

Come back tomorrow for more coverage from Comic-Con, featuring the scoop on the new CGI 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie, 'Open Season,''Crank,''Saw III,''Pan's Labyrinth' and more.

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