You may have to wait until February to see Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider on the big screen, but you have to wait no longer to see it on the internet. Yes, the official Ghost Rider website has been launched, only six or so months ahead of the movie release. I have no idea what they plan on doing to keep it relevant for six months, but I bet it includes occasional new desktop backgrounds and buddy icons. Currently, the site opens with a flash screen asking you if you want to see the trailer, and a little click-link to launch the official page (if you use Firefox, shut off your pop-up blocker or it won't launch). Said site has the very typical downloads, plot synopsis, and "view the trailer" options, and the ever-popular video blog, which right now features a big one entry. Anyone want to put bets on whether this will turn into an actual, regular short-term blog or if it'll stay nothing but a largely ignored novelty piece? My vote is for the latter, but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised. There's also this cute little game you can play. The whole site is illustrated by Ghost Rider's chains, and I can't help but think "Get over here!" as they whip around.