After spending several months dissecting each and every single rumor surrounding the role of The Joker in Christopher Nolan'sUntitled Batman Begins sequel, it appears as if we may finally have our villain. According to those pesky folks over at Latino Review, they're confirming (through "a very trusted source") that actor Heath Ledger was officially offered the role of Joker last night. "Holy gigantic Brokeback mistake Batman!" said writer Erik Davis as he broke the news to Cinematical readers everywhere.

Yes, Heath Ledger. Not Paul Bettany. Not Robin Williams. Not Michael Keaton. Not Jude Law. Not Johnny Depp. Not Hugo Weaving. Not Lachy Hulme. And not Mark Beall. (That's right, Mark haswrittenso muchabout thisdamnrole, I'm even throwing his name into the mix.) Now, we're not positive this is true, though Latino Review is usually spot on when it comes to their sources. However, just because Ledger was offered the role, does not at all mean he's going to take it. Personally, I'm not crazy about the choice, then again I trust Nolan sees something in Heath that, perhaps, I do not. What do you think?

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