Look, another comic series! Turning into a movie! Will wonders never cease? This one is The Doom Patrol, which Variety describes as being about "a band of superheroes with freakish powers." I'm assuming there's much more to Doom Patrol than that, but does it not pretty much sound like DC comics version of the X-Men? Hell, they've even got a leader in a wheelchair! Though the series was apparently well-respected, it failed to find an audience, and originally lasted only from 1963 to 1968. After that, however, its cult following led to several revivals, though the original characters weren't always included. As a result, the film's writer Adam Turner is probably going to have a great time pick and choosing characters from the various installments to feature in the film.

Unfortunately, there's no time-frame yet for this one, but rumors will surely come out of ComicCon. Meanwhile, Doom Patrol fans, is this exciting news or just a reason to get worried about a series you love? And what characters absolutely must be included in the film?
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