Word on the street (well, not the street, perhaps, but definitely in the virtual philosophical circles I hang out in) is that Jennifer Aniston has agreed to star in the film adaptation of Grace and Grit, the true story about the life, struggle with cancer, and death of philosopher Ken Wilber's wife Treya. According to Ken Wilber's blog, Aniston's producing partner, Kristin Hahn, took a copy of the book to a meeting a while back, and Jen got all excited and said, "I know that book, what are you doing with that book?" Seems Aniston and ex-hubby Brad Pitt used to read the book to each other back in the day, and found it inspiring. Various things led to other things, Hahn paid a visit to Wilber, and next thing you know Aniston had agreed to play Treya in the film, which is in early pre-prod at the moment, with drafts of the screenplay being written. I wonder if she'll actually shave her head for the role, or if they'll do the bald cap thing?

This is big, big, biggity-big news in the world of Integral Institute, the philosophical think-tank co-founded by Wilber, and among Wilber's legions of fans. Wilber has been approached before about making the leap into the waters of mainstream media production, but he's always held back, in part due to the sheer amount of extra work it will take to fend off media inquiries, interview requests, and all that fun stuff. Apparently, though, with his newest book, Integral Spirituality, set to hit bookstores in October, and the founding of Integral University underway, Wilber has decided the time is right to dive in. Grace and Grit is a very personal story to Wilber, so I think it's likely that he'll retain at least a measure of control over the screenplay and final product. Could be interesting -- Aniston's involvement definitely takes the potential reach for the film to a higher level than anyone had previously imagined.

Now for the big question -- who will play Wilber (notTomCruisepleasenotTomCruise)? Any Wilber fans out there with strong feelings as to who should play the world's most prolific living bald philosopher?

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