I know a lot of you out there in Cinematical readerland are not big fans of View Askew filmmaker Kevin Smith. And while I understand where you are coming from and I don't blame you at all, I generally disagree with you on this one. I dig the guy and his work, and I'm glad to see him returning to Clerks. Sure, he can sound a bit abrasive and churlish from time to time, but he far more often sounds genuine, warm, and entertaining ... at least, when he is not responding to internet critics. I challenge anyone to listen to the commentary tracks on the Askew films and still dislike Kevin Smith. But hey, part of the glory of movies is we all have our different tastes and can violently disagree with each other via the internet (HINT: this is my incredibly subtle way of suggesting you use the comment feature at the bottom of this post).

In a recent interview with SuperheroHype, Kevin Smith finally closed the door tight on the persistent Green Hornet movie rumors. Yes, he said he was done with the project months ago, but rumors continued to insist he was merely pushing it back, not letting it go. Smith, however, again acknowledged his inability to properly handle such an action intensive flick. He likes what he does, he is good at what he does, and he doesn't want to ruin a Superhero flick because it isn't his strength. Said Smith: "I like to tell stories about people sitting around and talking to each other and what not. And that's really what I'm kind of good at and most people would argue that I'm not even that good at that to begin with. So the notion of doing Green Hornet is just not appealing to me."
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