Ang Lee is officially old and busted, as far as Marvel executives are concerned, and Transporter director Louis Leterrier is new hotness. Avi Arad and other producerial staff were apparently so blown away by Leterrier's "passion" for the Marvel universe they couldn't help but offer him the Hulk film. From what we are told, Leterrier was so excited he ran right back to his studio and sketched out (with the help of an artist, of course) two storyboard action sequences and a stylistic take on the Big Green. And it was good enough to land him the job. Leterrier will join the team of Arad (producer) and Zak Penn (screenwriter) in an attempt to breath new life into a property which showed rather lackluster performance last time around.

I continue to fully support this decision, despite the general feeling this is far too soon to reboot a movie. The Hulk is a valuable character to Marvel, with solid franchise potential. We don't know how much longer this golden age of superhero movies will last, so they need to get mileage out of him while the market is still fresh. It'll be interesting to see how the movie-going public reacts to this experiment, however. It is hard to imagine this becoming a regular practice, but who knows ... we may be looking at a precedent setting flick.
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