Former Cinematical editor Karina Longworth is on the ground at ComicCon with her Netscape cohorts and, in addition to her posts from the event, she'll also be passing along interesting tidbits she picks up from the mouths of various horses. What follows are the bits and pieces from day one.
  • As was rumored, Sin City 2 was, in fact, on hold, awaiting the birth of the sainted Jolie spawn. Now that little Shiloh has arrived, a start date of early 2007 has been penciled in.
  • Planet Terror, the Robert Rodriguez-helmed half of Grind House, has wrapped; Quentin Tarantino's section, Death Proof, will start shooting in October. As expected, Rosario Dawson is appearing in both parts.
  • In further Dawson news, in addition to a movie based on her comic books appearing about 12 months from now, we can also expect a video game within three years. Fanboys, commence the freak-out.
Stay tuned here for more updates, geek and otherwise; a Dawson interview will go up at Netscape tomorrow night.
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