Were you a big fan of Kevin Spacey's creepy, creepy film Se7en? Are you willing to accept that graphic novels are a legitimate and enjoyable form of art and story telling? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then oh boy is this post going to make you one happy fan! It was announced a few months back the film would find a second life in graphic novel form (a medium I think is fantastic for such a work), and today we've got the first look at the interiors ("pages") from book one, Gluttony.

Swing by ComicBookResources to check out a solid interview with artist Tommy Castillo, and peep several of the early pages for the book. It is a fun read, and an even more fun (funner?) look. The pages look excellent; if they are any indication of the final product, we are definitely looking at a very solid piece of work. Look for the first book to hit the shelves this September!