We're going to be expanding our Film Blog Group Hug coverage, dear Cinematical readers, so this is your big chance. If you have a blog (or just a film site, you don't have to call it a blog) and you write primarily about movies, we want to know about it. Are you an indie film freak? Can't get enough of those obscure foreign pics? Do you wax eloquent about film theory and delve deeply into the careers of directors no one outside your circle of cinepheliac friends has heard of? Know more about horror film than even our own Scott Weinberg? We want to know about your site. If we like what we see there, and you post interesting stuff on a regular basis, you just might find your blog featured here on Cinematical, where it will be read about by zillions of people.

Think you have a site that shines? Send the following info directly to kim@cinematical.com. Do NOT post it in the comments, because it won't get included on my list if it's there. Here are the guidelines for how to submit your site:

*In the subject line, please put "Film Blog Group Hug." Just that, nothing else. I get a ton of email, and that's how I'm sorting these, so if you try to be clever, it's just going to get buried beneath reams of spam emails trying to sell me Viagra, or sent to the virtual trash heap.

*Your site must have original content -- no aggregate feed reader sites, please.

*Yes, if you are a filmmaker and have a blog for your film, you can submit it.

*Yes, we will consider your site even if you have posted mean or nasty comments here on Cinematical. We're forgiving folks.

*In the body of your email, please include the following information:





GEOGRAPHICAL AREA YOU COVER (if you focus on, say, film in Austin or Burkina Faso or whatever)


That's it, folks. Submit away, and I will faithfully check out each and every site submitted and add those that don't suck to the list of sites our madcap team of writers will be surveying for this weekly feature.