Life in Hollywood just keeps getting better for alternative cartoonist Daniel Clowes. After being Oscar-nominated for his Ghost World screenplay (based on his own graphic novel), Clowes had his Art School Confidential adapted for the screen, and was hired to write the screenplay for Master of Space and Time, a mad scientist flick directed by Michel Gondry (who surely can identify with the subject matter). And now, according to Variety, there's more: Jack Black's Black and White production company has picked up the rights to Clowes' Death Ray, and signed him to adapt it for the screen.

Though the story does feature a kid with a death ray (he inherited from his dad, a scientist who also injected him with "an experimental hormone that activates super-strength and heightened sensation through nicotine"), based on this very detailed summary, it's as much about the struggles of growing up as it is living with super powers. Since Clowes has said (seriously, I think) that he plans to change the character from a teenager to a middle-aged adult for the movie, it'll be interesting to see how he reworks his original story to fit the new focus.
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