Bean Beats Up Girlfriend!

Apparently, Sean Bean, who plays villain in National Treasure, is having a hard time letting go of the evil characters he takes on. While staying at a luxury hotel with his 28-year-old girlfriend, the two reportedly got drunk, then proceeded to kick the crap out of one another. The booze-fueled fight was so vicious, both were left bloody and bruised. Bean, who is currently starring in a re-make of The Hitcher, was stunned to find out he was bleeding and claimed the lady attacked him. Hmm, perhaps he's just trying to frame the girl for a crime he committed? The Hitcher? Bloody fight? Blame falls on the girl? Something about this whole thing feels familiar, though I can't seem to put my finger on it.

Colin Farrell Stalked on Live TV!

Now, this is the way you stalk someone. During a taping of The Tonight Show, a woman from the audience simply walked on stage in an attempt to speak with Colin Farrell, who was in the middle of his interview with Jay Leno. Farrell, who was on the show promoting his upcoming film Miami Vice, was forced to do some police work of his own. As the woman moved closer, Farrell quickly jumped up, grabbed her by the arm, instructed the cameras be shut down and escorted his stalker off stage. Apparently, this same woman tried to file a lawsuit against Farrell, claiming he was stalking her. Hey, how come I don't have a stalker? The whole thing sounds like so much fun!

Haley Was Drunk!

Wow, looks like Haley Joel Osment's car wasn't the only thing wrecked in a serious car crash the other day. After losing control of his 1995 Saturn, smashing it into a brick pillar and flipping over, Osment was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center where, currently, he's in pretty good condition. However, police are now saying they believe the teen actor may have been under the influence of alcohol, though the results of a blood test will not be ready for another three weeks. Drunk driving? Say it ain't so Haley! And here I thought you had a good five more years before rehab came knocking. I'm saddened. That said, part of me wants to buy Haley a drink to congratulate him for flipping his car over and still managing to survive.

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