Okay, so pretend, for a moment, that you're David Arquette. You've directed a movie that no one knows anything about yet. There's no trailer online for it, you don't have distrib, so you decide to take it to Comic-Con, presumably to get fans behind it. You pack for your trip: Sunscreen? Check. Hideous plaid pants and shirts that don't match aforementioned pants? Check. Lime-green suit? Check. Funky hats? Check. Wife and baby? Got 'em. ... oh yeah, and the movie, right? Apparently not.

Netscape anchors Ryan and Alexia went to the panel for Arquette's new film, The Tripper, on Thursday. What's it about? Well, according to the Comic-Con synopsis: ""Starring Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Jason Mewes (Clerks 2), Paul Reubens (Pee Wee's Playhouse), and others, The Tripper follows a group of hippies as they head to a weekend-long concert for some fun, only to be stalked by a deranged killer with an unnatural obsession with Ronald Reagan." Arquette himself describes it as a "political horror film".

Arquette was supposed to bring the sole tape of the film with him to his Comic-Con panel and, well, he lost it. So he had to spend the hour filibustering instead. Our pals at Netscape have video of the hilarity that ensued. To give Arquette credit, he handled the situation with humor, grace and aplomb in a situation that would have left a lot of filmmakers panicked and devastated. Check out the video over on Netscape.

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