Doug Jones promised us a major announcement this week at Comic Con. Rumor strongly suggested he'd be declaring himself to be the Silver Surfer in Tim Story's Fantastic Four, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Some people, it seems, couldn't wait for his official announcement and used a Pan's Labyrinthpanel to ask Jones outright about the part. Jones said he had no comment, but then made the following two seemingly contradictory points.
  1. Jones said he does not plan to do any green screen or motion capture work for any film in the near future. This would seem to take a role in Fantastic Four right out of the running, as the role has been said to be a largely green screen/motion capture one.
  2. Jones just happened to be wearing a shiny silver shirt, and said he really liked the color. In fact, he said he had a whole suit picked out in said color, and was just "waiting for my credit card to get approved." Obviously, this would seem to be a not-very-subtle reference to the role of Silver Surfer.
I continue to strongly support the idea of Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer, and so I'm choosing to believe the latter of these two statements. I imagine we'll find out the truth very, very soon.
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