When I first heard Howard Stern was creating his own film festival, I immediately made sure there was a garbage pail nearby I could vomit in. After all, what does this guy know about film? Granted, Private Parts was a decent flick, but only because Stern has an interesting past. However, "King of All Media?" No. Try "King of All Egotistical Morons." And it's a shame, really, because the guy is a decent interviewer; he pushes buttons, digs beneath the surface, and somehow gets people to reveal themselves in a way no one else can. Though, at the end of the day, it's all about him.

Case in point: A Howard Stern Film Festival where all submissions must revolve around Stern, his world and the idiots that occupy it. Wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to kiss your ass some more Howard. Honestly, it's a pleasure. Anyway, the festival is now over and the winning film is available online. To my surprise, it's actually pretty good ... if you like Howard Stern. Pic shows a fictional scenario in which Stern, Robin and Fred all meet one another as children via one of them HAM radios. It's sweet, charming and does a nice job blending comedy with nostalgia. Okay, so maybe I'm a little curious to see what some of the other films look like. My garbage pail is standing by.

[Thanks Keith]

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