Among other things yesterday, ComicCon saw the folks from Lionsgate toss out a whole lot of Saw III info for you nutty gorehounds. And, since Scott The Horror Guy has chosen this moment to sleep for the first time in a week, it falls to me to share the details with you. While I can't match his enthusiasm for and knowledge about world of horror, I'll do the best I can. Here we go:
  • The teaser for the movie will roll out with The Descent, which opens on August 4 -- you've got less than two weeks to wait. Hooray for torture and gore! (This is me, channeling Scott.)
  • A clip of the movie was shared before the Q&A with the movie's cast, and featured footage of "an ex-convict named Troy ... chained inside what appears to be a classroom." Via a TV feed, Jigsaw disparages Troy for throwing away his kickass life with repeated trips to prison, telling him "Despite all the privileges you were given at birth, you returned to prison again and again." (Because, as you all know by now, had Jigsaw's childhood been better, he would be out feeding hungry children instead of torturing people.) And this is where my stomach starts to turn: "Troy has chains pierced through his hands, feet, lip, chest and back." Oh, goody. "A beat-the-clock scenario then ensues where the ex-con must rips the chains from his flesh as the seconds run down. Blood gushes from the horrific wounds the ex-con inflicts upon himself while trying to escape his grim fate." Um ... yay? Why people watch this stuff willingly is beyond me, but I know a lot of you do. So, three cheers for violent mayhem! (That's Scott again.)
  • After the clip, the cast and director answered questions from the press; the Q&A is transcribed here for your reading pleasure, but I'll leave you with this teaser: When asked if the movie would focus on the relationship between Amanda (Shawnee Smith), and Jigsaw, Smith said "You get to see that relationship grow into something special. How do you say it...Boom-Chick-A-Boom!" Yeah, baby.
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