Now that Michelle Pfeiffer remembered she can sing and dance and, as a result, took the Hairspray gig, she may be poised to become a real, live dancing queen. According to reports in the British press, Pfeiffer is one of a handful of names being seriously considered to play Donna, a single mother who is reacquainted with a trio of exes when her daughter invites them her a wedding, in the screen version of the ABBA musical, Mamma Mia!. The film is still in the very early stages: Catherine Johnson, who wrote the script for the musical, is currently at work on the screenplay with producer Judy Craymer, and it's thought that stage director Phyllida Lloyd may ultimately helm the movie.

Other names allegedly in the mix to play Donna are Kim Basinger (?!), Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep; production begins next summer.

[via Film Experience]
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