With a movie like Monster House available in -- and seemingly primarily made for -- the Real D Digital 3D format, you don't want to be left out by seeing it on regular old film. Luckily, there are now more than 215 screens at more than 200 theatres in America (350 worldwide) with the technology needed to show a 3D movie, including a number of screens that were equipped just this week in time for the animated movie's release. Regal Entertainment Group (Regal Cinemas, UA Theatres, Edwards Theatres) and Cinemark Theatres just added the technology to 17 screens each. Other chains that are new to the format in time for Monster House (meaning they were not equipped to show last year's Chicken Little in 3D) include Carmike, UltraStar and Emagine. Additionally, other companies that have been on board with Real D since the beginning have added more screens in the last year.

Considering there are thousands upon thousands of screens in the U.S., 215 still seems like a small number, but the format is continuing to expand. Cinemark just announced they are putting the technology on up to 133 more screens (in time for Beowulf, I guess), and chances are other theatres will feature the format once that billion-dollar digital projector plan goes through.

So I guess the question is, will you be seeking out the movie in 3D, or will you be one of the unfortunates who won't be experiencing the future of cinema?

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