In the middle of what was surely a really boring roundtable about his sure-to-be really boring movie Flyboys (James Franco, I love you, but you can't act), producer Dean Devlindropped some news that is sure to have Stargate's surprisingly large fandom doing little alternate world dances of joy. Sort of confirming earlier rumors, Devlin said that Stargate was always viewed by its creators as the opening of a trilogy, but the studio's focus back in 1994 was on the TV series, so the sequels fell by the wayside. Now that the series has been so successful and there's been some turnover at MGM, though, the studio's interest in more movies has been renewed.

Interestingly, Devlin says that the film's stars (Kurt Russell and James Spader) and director (Roland Emmerich) remain interested in doing the sequels -- and claims that Stargate 2 was always supposed to take place 12 years after the first one, so the age of the actors wouldn't be a problem. Well, isn't that a nice bit of spin luck! Though no details are available on the actually production of the possible sequels, Devlin assured reporters that any further Stargate films would develop based on the story in the original, and would be entirely independent of the series lore.

[via RT]
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