My Super Ex-Girlfriend
is a fun little flick. It's not flawless and it sure isn't brilliant, but it offers a clever spin on some age-old rom-com conventions, delivers a colorful zing of flashy super-heroics, and showcases a pretty fantastic cast of comedic actors, all of whom are clearly having some fun here. Basically, if last summer's Sky High tickled your inner comic geek while offering a few unexpected chuckles along the way, there's no good reason you shouldn't find something to like in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. If you're looking for a light little confection for you and the boyfriend, you'll find unisexual chuckles aplenty. And if there's one faction of movie fans who should absolutely not miss this movie, it's those loyal members of the Uma Thurman Fan Club. Because she's pretty damn great in this movie -- even if she won't get much credit for the performance.

Imagine a comedic take on Fatal Attraction, only the jilted woman is a little less psychotic and a lot more superhuman. By day she's Jenny Johnson, a semi-frumpy Normal Jane who works in an art gallery. By night (mostly) she's G-Girl, the high-flying, sonic-booming super-heroine who's always there to save the day night!. But hey, even the most harried gal with two hectic careers needs a little romance, right? And that's where Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) comes in.