That's the music industry. summed up in the money scene of Clerks 2: sometimes you get the jackass, and sometimes the jackass gets you. Create Double Nickles on the Dime, the greatest double album of the 1980s, and the public will still only remember your band as the composers of the theme for Johnny Knoxville's cavalcade or wretched excess -- soon to be coming to the screens in a much-awaited sequel. What would D. Boon have thought of Jackass? Well, the affectionate and moving documentary We Jam Econoshows that the LA punk band The Minutemen were huge Three Stooges fans, at least. The band drove around in a van with a poster of the Stooges covering the back window.

They had their roles down. Boon was a robust, obese hulk with a shaved head, like Curly; one of the wittier reviewers of the day, I forget just who, compared him to "500 lbs of sweaty sirloin strapped to a guitar." His pal since age 13, bass player Mike Watt, was a sometimes glowering Moe, and drummer George Hurley was the frizzy-haired Larry, holding the two apart while simultaneously keeping them together. The Minutemen even worked the resemblance to the immortal Stooges in an extra on We Jam Econo, a home-made video for their song "Ack Ack Ack," where they play goofy janitors wrecking a record industry jerk's office.

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