Jason Statham in Crank

Lionsgate presented a trio of films today at Comic-Con, a werewolf flick called 'Skinwalkers,' the sure-to-make-bank horror pic 'Saw III' and 'Crank,' an action flick starring 'Transporter' hero Jason Statham (pictured to the left).

It's hard to tell if 'Skinwalkers' will be any good. According to producer and character/creature creator Sam Winston, it will revolutionize the werewolf genre. Unfortunately, the clip presented today seemed very generic, and Winston and the film's director James Isaac were unable to provide any proof to back up their claim of the film's superb awesomeness. Afraid to give away too much about the story's twists, they wouldn't even reveal a basic plot. Now I'm not a pessimist, but asking audiences to put blind faith in the guy who directed 'Jason X' is a bit of stretch. That said, I'll reserve judgement at least until I see a trailer.

As far as 'Saw III' goes, director Darren Lynn Bousman screened just one clip from the movie, and it looked about on par with the first two. If you liked those, you'll like this one.

Of the three, it is 'Crank' that looks most promising. Jason Statham stars as a hit man who wakes up one morning to discover that he's been injected with a lethal poison that will kill him in 90 minutes -- unless he keeps his adrenaline up. So instead of sitting at home and whining about cruel fate, he decides to keep up his adrenaline level by beating the crap out of every thug in Los Angeles while looking for the antedote. Below are three reasons the film looks good ...

Jason Statham

1) All the action was shot "in camera" with no CGI or special effects, so Statham did most of his own stunts -- including hanging from a helicopter over L.A.

2) Co-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor went to greath lengths to get cool actions shots. They even wore roller blades and hung off the back of truck going 40 miles per hour to film some scenes.

3) Jason Statham showed up at the bar at my hotel tonight (see picture) -- and he had to beat the ladies away with a stick. Not literally, of course.

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