Hellboy was a fantastic film wonderfully translated from an even more fantastic comic book series. However, the box office performance of said wonderful film could best be described as "meh." It didn't tank, per se -- domestic, overseas and DVD sales combined to help it turn a profit -- but it was not a particular success, either. Fans loved it, though, and with the DVDs selling reasonably well, we really hoped to see a second installment. Director Guillermo Del Toro is interested, and principle actors are eager to return, but the picture has yet to find a studio to financially back it.

At ComicCon, Del Toro filled fans in on where the picture stands currently. He said a great script has been finished with the full stamp of approval from creator Mike Mignola. Mignola himself even chipped in to say the themes of the movie will clearly echo major themes of the comic series. As for production? Del Toro could only offer "I hope it gets made, but that is really all I can say right now." We certainly hope so too, Guillermo. The first one was far too good to be the last.
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