Fox presented a number of films at Comic-Con today: the highly anticipated 'Eragon,' the based-on-a-hilarious-TV-show police mocumentary 'Reno 911: Miami' and the Viking epic 'Pathfinder.' In addition, they released a few vague details about the 'X-Men: The Last Stand' DVD.

First, here's the scoop on 'X-Men': The DVD will feature a whopping 21 deleted scenes and three alternate endings. Seeing as the flick had about 67 principal characters and just as many story lines, this sounds about right.

As far as 'Pathfinder,' which stars Karl Urban (Eomer from 'Lord of the Rings') and presupposes that Vikings inhabited the eastern seaboard 500 years before Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, it looks OK. I saw the trailer, as well as an extended clip from the film, both of which do not even attempt to disguise the fact that the film wants very badly to be a kind of newfangled 'Braveheart.' The trailer even includes a voiceover saying, "Run and you'll live, fight and you'll die" -- and concludes with a huge broad sword hurtling through the air and miraculously sticking in the ground.

'Reno 911: Miami,' on the other hand, looked just about as original and funny as they come. Fox screened a bunch of clips from the film, interspersed with hilarious commentary by three of the actors who appeared in character on the panel: Lt. Dangle, Deputy Travis Jr. and Deputy Trudy Wiegel. Based on the cult hit Comedy Central TV show, the clips from 'Reno 911' showcased the less-than-heroic officers of Reno cracking such tough cases as a concealed burrito and a jaywalking chicken. As funny as the footage was, the best part of the presentation by far was the extrememly un-PC way the three "officers" responded to the footage, claiming it was edited to make them look lime mormons and proving that this was not the case in the process.

And finally, based solely on a one-and-a-half-minute teaser trailer from 'Eragon,' I have to say that the movie looks pretty sweet. After finding a dragon's egg on his parents' farm, Eragon (Ed Speleers) discovers that it is his destiny to become a dragon rider and defend his home against an evil king. Adding to my high hopes for the film are two facts: 1) The special effects, including the animation of the dragon, will be handled by ILM in conjunction with Peter Jackson's WETA and 2) Jeremy Irons plays the role of bearded, chain-mail-wearing mentor. If you feel as though you've already seen Irons in this role, that's because the man was born for it. Honestly, I don't know why he'd ever do anything else.

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