Way back in February, Martha told us something that, deep in our hearts, we all knew already: There will soon be a big, sweaty, swanky Deluxe Extended Edition of Peter Jackson's King Kong. And now we have the proof. It streets on November 18th with a sticker price of (I'm guessing) $25 - $30. Unless you want the one with the big Kong figurine, because that should run you about 70 bucks.

DVDActive brings us all the specs, although someone at Universal neglected to mention one key thing: If the theatrical cut of King Kong runs 187 minutes with end credits (and it does), then how long is the new extended edition? Clearly it's pretty bulky, seeing as it takes two discs to hold it, but I think it's a pretty fair question...

Anyway, the new version promises all sorts of extra doo-dads that weren't available in the 1-disc widescreen edition, the 2-disc special edition, or the 2-disc production diaries release. Stuff like filmmaker commentaries, new documentaries and featurettes, video diaries, archives, a few silly things and 16 deleted scenes.

Yes, that's right: Even after adding MORE stuff into an 187-minute movie ... there are still 16 deleted scenes.

Anyway, I loved the movie so I'll be buying a copy. Anyone else?
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