Here is a weird story direct from the files of "whaaa?" Do you remember back in the early 90s, when Isobar was supposed to be the next big sci-fi movie? That's okay, neither did I. Let me refresh your memory, just in case you, like I, have no idea what Isobar was. According to writer/producer Dean Devlin, Isobar was "the film that originally brought Roland Emmerich from Germany to the U.S." Emmerich, as you may recall, broke big with his smash hit Independence Day, after the initial deal for Isobar fell through. The contracted studio planned on a $90 million budget in 1990 for the flick, which would have starred Sylvester Stallone and Kim Basinger, with Joel Silver on board to produce.

So why did the achingly major project never get a green light? Devlin says the studio didn't like his script, and hired their own ringer to write a new one. Emmerich, however, refused to use a non-Devlin script, and the whole thing fell apart, with the two going off to work together on Independence Day and several other projects. But now Isobar is back on track: It will start shooting in either October or early November, and will be directed by Emmerich's old partner Peter Winther. Mercifully, Stallone is no longer attached.
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