Odds and ends from Friday:

  • It worries me to watch the producers of Casino Royale talk so much about the film they plan to make after Royale, instead of, well, the film they have coming out this fall. While it's already been discussed on severaloccasions, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson officially announced their plans to release the 22nd film in the James Bond franchise on May 2, 2008. Pic, which will be competing against Paramount's big screen adaptation of the Marvel comic Iron Man, will find Daniel Craig reprising his 007 role.
  • You've already heard me rant about those clever little pop-culture phrases Hollywood writers dream up, so there's no point in regurgitating my own shtick. Yes, they're annoying. Yes, I hate them. Let's move on. Paramount Pictures has snatched up the spec scriptSwingles, written by Duncan Birmingham. Romantic comedy will center around a single guy who is dumped by his "wingman" and forced to team up with a woman he can't stand in order to meet single ladies. Birmingham said he came up with the idea after stalking thousands of women in karaoke bars throughout the country. Okay, the stalking part isn't true -- but it does make the story more interesting, right? The Swingle Stalker? I like that.
  • If you live in China and have spent numerous hours praying Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 3 would somehow find a way onto the big screen, you're in luck -- the film has finally made it into theaters ... minus six minutes. And now we finally know which scenes were removed: One showed Cruise distracting Chinese soldiers by throwing baseballs, then killing them; the other involved elderly Chinese playing mahjong, while Ethan Hunt's wife is being held hostage next door. Seems fair, but how did they miss the fact that Tom Cruise is in the film? Shouldn't he be censored as well?
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