And here we are with another sad day for The Poseidon Adventure. Only, unlike Red Buttons, who died last week, Jack Warden appeared in the sequel, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. Yes, the great supporting actor -- he was nominated twice for the best supporting actor Oscar and won a supporting Emmy -- passed on Wednesday at the age of 85.

My introduction to Warden was with The Great Muppet Caper (there I go showing my age again), in which he played the news editor who sends Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzie to London, but eventually I came to enjoy the man I continually referred to in my youth as "Buttermaker" (because I must have seen the TV-series of The Bad News Bears before the movie, which starred Walter Matthau as the character) in nearly all of his roles. It helped that he was in some damn good films, like All the President's Men, Twelve Angry Men, The Verdict, From Here to Eternity, Being There, Bullets Over Broadway and Run Silent Run Deep. He worked on a number of films with Warren Beatty, including Shampoo and Heaven Can Wait, the films that netted him those Academy Award nominations, and occasionally worked for directors Sidney Lumet and Woody Allen. His greatest achievement, though, might be that he stuck it out through all three Problem Child movies (even that damn kid didn't reprise the title role in the third, made-for-TV installment).
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