People, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has made over $321 million domestic. In THREE WEEKS. Good freaking lord that's a lot of money. Anyway, though off 43% from last weekend's earnings, Captain Jack easily retained his grip on the top box office spot ahead of three major debuts, taking in about $32 million from 4133 screens. The second and third spots, meanwhile, were filled by two of those new films, with Monster House making a respectable $23 million, and Lady in the Water earning just $18.2 million, well-below the expected "mid-$20 million" open for which Warner Bros. had been hoping. (Looks like it's not just those foolish critics who aren't smart enough to get the great M. Night, huh?) The weekends other big release, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, stumbled badly, landing in the seventh spot with only $8.7 million, a total that left it nearly $1 million behind Clerks II, which opened on about 600 fewer screens. That said, both films were beaten out by sophomore flicks You, Me and Dupree ($12.8 million) and the critically loathed Little Man ($11 million).

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