In case you haven't noticed, the hot new Hollywood trend these days is to find a series of books that feature kids with mystical powers, buy up all the rights, and develop each book into a film with the intentions of producing the next blockbuster trilogy. Ever since The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films demolished the box office, studios are constantly on the hunt for a hot new teen-related franchise.

Recently, Mel Gibson became the latest to purchase a ticket on the trend train after his Icon Productions optioned the rights to a trilogy by Libba Bray, tapping director Charles Sturridge (Lassie) to helm the first installment. According to Variety, the books "center on four rebel teens in Victorian England who gain power from access to a mysterious realm." Oohh, a historical Harry Potter -- I love it! The first two books in the series (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels) were both New York Times bestsellers; the third is due out next year. Surprisingly, there is no studio partner currently on the project. However, by the time I finish writing this, I'm sure one will climb onboard.

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