That's right, good readers, the Fraggle Rockrumors have returned, and the Henson company revealed they are quite serious about plans to bring Gobo, Red and the rest of the gang to big screen. In their panel at Comic Con, the Henson Co. discussed updating several of their classic titles:
  1. Yes, Power of the Dark Crystalis happening now, and it even pulls a small bit of inspiration from the legend himself, Mr. Jim Henson. He had entertained ideas of a Crystal sequel on more than one occasion, and we are told it was his desire to go beyond the adventures of the Gelfings and deeper into the world itself. The new movie will attempt to do that, depending far more on CG than puppetry.
  2. Bits were shown from the late night puppet show Henson Co. is developing -- sans Muppets, of course, as they were sold to Disney -- and a puppet improv performance troupe that apparently has to be seen to be believed. We're glossing over these because they aren't movie related, follow the "read" link at the bottom if you want to know more.
  3. Fraggle Rock is still a long way off, but they are in the early stages of development and definitely plan to bring the film into existence.
  4. No plans for a Labyrinth sequel ... yet. They are too wrapped up in Crystal work to seriously contemplate it for now. Ask them again later. There IS a graphic novel on the way, however.
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