Portland's own Shawn Levy is a really cool guy. We once spent about ten minutes shooting the (frozen) breeze prior to a Sundance screening, and I've been sure to keep up with his reviews and his movie blog ever since.

Anyway, it looks like film critic Shawn Levy (who, just so you know, is NOT the Shawn Levy who directed Just Married, Cheaper By the Dozen and The Pink Panther -- although it would be funny it they were the same guy) has now graduated to Scoopmaster Extraordinaire. In this Oregonian blog, Levy makes mention of three independent film productions that have chosen the lovely state of Oregon as their home base: The movie version of John Krakauer's Into the Wild (which Sean Penn is directing), Robert Benton's romantic drama Feast of Love, and ...

Are you ready for it?

Bruce Campbell is directing and starring as himself in a horror/comedy called My Name is Bruce. Synopsis: "A comic fantasy film about Campbell's being continually mistaken for Ash, the droll vanquisher of demons he played in the Evil Dead films. When a small town in Southern Oregon is besieged by some sort of monster, the locals call on Campbell to rescue them." Cool!

Sounds like a truly geek-friendly premise, which means I'll probably dig it a lot. Here's hoping it's more like Bruce's recent books (this one and this one) and less like Bruce's recent movies (this one and this one). Interestingly enough, My Name is Bruce was written not by Campbell, but by Mark Verheiden, who's known in genre circles for being a pretty darn solid writer. (He's done comic books, movies and TV shows, with his most notable titles being The Mask, Timecop, Smallville and Battlestar Galactica.)
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