Within the first day or so of launch, Superman Returns was being seeing as a disappointment, financially speaking. Sure, it was raking in good cash, but not nearly as much as everyone involved had hoped, with such a big-name superhero title. Consequently, some suits at the studio got cold feet (as they are wont to do when a financial disappointment is involved), and suddenly further Superman sequels -- which had seemed like a sure bet from the day director Bryan Singer came on board -- were in jeopardy. The word quickly came down that a take of $200 million domestic was needed for the studio to bring Singer back for a second round; a second round with much less money.

Many fans may have been worried by this, but it seems as though Singer is entirely unfazed. At ComicCon, the director has already begun talking about his plans for the next film, although he admits no actual deal has been struck. Singer said he is aiming for a 2009 release, and is excited because he won't have to bother with long-winded character introductions, he can instead jump right into the action. Or, as Singer said: "get all Wrath of Khan on it." The only teaser info he gave was suggesting we could see an "alien villain" in the next film.
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