Though cool footage and pictures are unlikely to quell fanboy rumblings that Topher Grace is too small to play Eddie Brock/Venom, Sony last night gave ComicCon attendees their first look at Grace as the character. According to a report at JoBlo, footage from Spider-Man 3 was screened and, though "a bit rough in spots" (I'm assuming that means it's unfinished, as opposed to bad), it showed all sorts of cool stuff, from a fight between Spidey and Sandman to MJ caught in Venom's webs. Oh, and it also included the minor event of Brock's transformation in Venom, a scene that, not surprisingly, "[brought] the house down." (That said, what clips at ComicCon don't bring the house down?! People go there primed to love everything -- that's why studios reveal stuff there, for God's sake.)

To coincide with the big reveal, Sony added some Venom wallpaper to their official site for the film. Maybe going and staring at it will make your forget that the movie doesn't come out until next May.
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