Like most of you movie nuts, I pretty much adore the Coen Brothers. Raising Arizona is the first movie I ever went to see by myself (my friends weren't interested, so screw 'em, right?), and I've watched Fargo and O Brother more times than I can count. I think that The Hudsucker Proxy is criminally underappreciated, that Intolerable Cruelty was unfairly dismissed, and that Miller's Crossing is the Coens' very best film. Now, don't throw rocks at me, but ... I'm also of the opinion that, on the Coen Scale, The Big Lebowski is just a teeny, tiny bit ... overrated?

A very good film, sure. Enjoyably weird and off-kilter? Absolutely. Stuffed with some of Jeff Bridges' finest comedic work? Without a doubt. But for some reason I just wouldn't put Lebowski among the Coen Brothers' top five films. That's just me, and I've seen the thing at least four full times. But now comes a version of The Big Lebowski that just about anyone can appreciate. Well, anyone besides a nun, a kindergarten teacher, or your doddering old granny, perhaps.

The Big Lebowski is currently #11 on the list of movies with the most F-bombs, so some movie geeks went ahead and trimmed the flick down to a manageable 2+ minutes. Can you guess what the most prevalent word of dialogue is? (Hint: It rhymes with duck, and it's also the most prevalent word in the feature-length version of Lebowski.) So if you've ever wondered what The Big Lebowski would look like if someone removed all the dialogue that isn't the effword, click right here. And turn your speaker volume down a little bit. There are kids down the hall!
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