We all knew it would happen. The only real question was whether or not it would happen with Pixar's involvement. And since that mega-expensive Disney/Pixar hook-up last year, the only remaining question was: When?

I'm talking, of course, about Toy Story 3.

The early naysayers were worried that without the involvement of Pixar and/or the return of the original voice cast, Toy Story 3 would pretty much ... stink. AndsinceDisneyhaslongsinceprovenhowtheyliketotreattheirsequels, the Toy fans were justifiably thrilled when the Pixar deal went through. Plus, now comes a little extra piece of potentially good news: Tim Allen recently told The National Ledger he's on board for TS3 and that he "believes" Tom Hanks will be returning as well. Apparently the former sitcom star who now spends his days makingtrulyawfulmovies is pretty excited about the new Toy story that John Lasseter & Co. have cooked up.

Don't screw this one up, fellas.
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