Sorry, dear readers, but the folks at Fox Searchlight asked us to take down the photo we previously had up for this Caption This! Therefore, we are starting the contest over beginning right now -- 1:48PM EDT. Captions entered previously will not be counted and are being deleted so as not to give too much about the film away. Sorry about that, y'all had some good ones, too. - Ed.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Little Miss Sunshine -- one of the year's favorites for at least two of our writers -- we're dusting off the Caption This! game. This time, though, you get more than our respect and a lousy Cinematical tshirt. Instead, the winner will walk away with a prize pack including such glories as a Little Miss Sunshine poster and tshirt, in addition to other things so cool we can't even mention them in print. So, do you your worst: The deadline for entries (put them in the comments, please) is 5pm eastern time, Wednesday.