Despite the coming of the world eater Galactus, Doctor Victor Von Doom will play an important role in the Fantastic Four sequel ... and director Tim Story promises he is going to be far more evil and menacing this time around. Really, this shouldn't be particularly difficult, as an angry cabbage would have probably seemed more menacing than Julian McMahon did through most of the first movie. Story updated his blog recently with news on the new and improved Doom, which is still in the concept art phase for now. Here is what he had to say, broken down into easy-to-follow bullet points for your reading pleasure:
  • Doom wasn't quite what he wanted last time around, but this time things are looking up. The concept art is "everything I've wanted him to be."
  • Evil-ness will be greatly increased this time, responding to the fans' (and his own) general discontent with the last flick.
  • Doom's intelligence (comparable to Reed's own) will be on big time display, as will his fighting prowess. And he's going to have a lot more than just "power beams" -- Story promises a "big surprise."
  • Doom will wear the Doom cape, but Story isn't quite sure yet how to keep it from getting in the way of fighting. Maybe he should talk to one or two of the other superhero directors who have pulled it off well recently.
  • "Wait until you see the mask! The armor!"
So far, everything sounds like a step in the right direction to me. Surf by Story's blog to suggest titles for the film, which apparently has not been officially named yet, despite the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer rumors that've been going around.
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