Dreamworks has picked up the latest successful pitch from The Office staff writers (mark my words, those people are going to be ruling the comedy world soon); said pitch was brought to Dreamworks by Ivan Reitman and his Montecito Pictures, through which the film will be produced. This one was dreamed up by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, and is called The Intern, a title from which most of you can probably figure out the plot without any further help from me. The movie will tell the undoubtedly hilarious story of "a middle-age, stay-at-home dad who decides to return to the work force and is forced to start as an intern."

This is the point at which I almost write something like "Gee, a story about the humiliation of a sad-sack middle aged man? Why, that's a original idea." But then I remember that all Hollywood ever does is reuse old ideas, and that it's silly to put up a stink. Plus, every once in a while one of the retreads works, so I suppose there's a tiny glimmer of hope here.
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