According to this morning's Variety, Elisha Cuthbert is in final negotiations to star in My Sassy Girl, a remake of a massive Korean hit (the original out-earned everything in sight, including Hollywood releases like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) about a girl with slightly anti-social tendencies. In the American version, Cuthbert will play "a reckless, brazen girl who turns the life of a small-town guy from the Midwest upside down" (so, of course, the movie will shoot in New York). The remake's screenplay was adapted by Vic Levin, and will be directed by Frenchman Yann Samuell, who is making his English-language debut; production begins in October.

While I've not seen the original, it's vaulted to the top of my must-see list based on the reviews I can findonline. It sounds wildly irreverent and completely insane, two qualities that seem unlikely to be translated successfully into the American version, since Hollywood is generally unwilling to make its love-object characters too unhinged (in the original, the girl is a "hard-drinking chick who can only express herself through physically assaulting strangers, slinging insults and passing out"). I suppose we can hope, but it won't surprise me in the least if the remake is heavy on the romance and light on the aggression and bizarre behavior -- unless, of course, the latter only shows how troubled the girl is, and how badly she needs to be rescued.
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