Just last week, we told you about how New Line had invited a select group of bloggers to preview their Snakes on a Plane booth. New Line has been at the forefront for a while now of grasping the concept that marketing through bloggers is smart business. Now, Universal is stepping up to the blogger buffet.

Weblogs' own Chris Thilk (who blogs for AdJab and occasionally for Cinematical) runs a blog called Movie Marketing Madness. On this blog, Chris has been for a while now giving very detailed run-downs of all the aspects of marketing particular films. Recently, someone at Universal Studios sat up and took notice, and very smartly figured out that a 30-minute phone call to Chris might just pay off big-time. That person was right, in spades.

Not only was Chris able to cover the marketing for Miami Vice in greater detail than he's been able to in the past, but he also blogged about how Universal had contacted him. This, in turn, has led to a cavalcade of bloggers doing what they do best: Blogging about something cool, which then spreads through the blog community like wildfire. It's kinda like that old Breck Shampoo commercial (if you're as old as I am, you probably remember it: I told my friend about this shampoo, then she told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on ... ).

Universal finally grasped what New Line has been trying to hook into for a while now -- that blogging is about community, and that word-of-mouth advertising will spread through that community with little effort (or money) on the studio's behalf, if they simply target the right people to get the word out for them. It's about time studios started waking up to the power of film bloggers. Next step: Film bloggers take over Hollywood and force the studios to make only good films! Muahahahahahah.

[Hat tip to Mack Collier from The Viral Garden ]

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