You think I talkabout The Descentalot? You should have seen me a few years ago when May finally showed up on DVD after I'd been gushing over the thing for forever and a week. (Seriously, no messing around: If you haven't at least rented May yet, please click right here and then come on back. I'll wait.)

So the reason I brought up May is this: It was directed by a guy called Lucky McKee, and his second film (The Woods) has been sitting on a shelf in a Sony broom closet for about 18 months. It recently played a few film festivals (toenthusiasticresponse), but the studio doesn't seem willing to spend any money on the flick. So now you can plan to buy/rent the DVD on October 3rd. And yes, you read it right: The Woods stars not only Agnes Bruckner and Patricia Clarkson... but Bruce Campbell, too.

What boils my proverbial potatoes is this: Sony can release a pathetically wretched remake of The Fog on 3,000 screens, yet something like The Woods gets jammed in a drawer, forgotten and then shuffled off to Blockbuster to collect dust. This is why the horror genre gets no respect. (Rant over.) Ah well, May didn't play the 'plexes either, and that flick's a freakin' masterpiece.