Just to get those of you too mature to read gossip blogs up to speed, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong have been spending a lot of time together lately. Every freaking paparazzi picture of Gyllenhaal (and there are a lot of them), whether he's working out, riding his bike, or just being Jake, features Armstrong, grinning at his side. Hell, they even went to France together to watch some big bike race that I hear is going on over there. Which is cool and all, but the paparazzi keeps a frighteningly close eye on Gyllenhaal, and it's safe to say that Lance hadn't really be around at all until a couple of weeks ago, so their sudden BFF stutus is somewhat surprising.

Thanks to Nikke Finke, however, all is now explained: Sony's putting together an Armstrong biopic, and Gyllenhaal wants the gig. Dude, seriously -- rebellious teen, cancer survivor, seven-time Tour de France winner? I smell Oscar!

[via Hollywood Elsewhere]
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