Try figuring this sentence out at 6am: "Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger have been cast as the three Grace children in the fantasy film The Spiderwick Chronicles." If you're like me, you'll read it roughly 15 times to make sure that "Freddie Highmore" and "Sarah Bolger" are, in fact, only two names. And then you'll spend far too long trying to figure out how the hell two people are going to play three kids. It's not until a half-hour later (post-coffee) that you read further and find out that two of the three kids are ... identical twins. A-HA! So that's how it's going to work! Highmore, who played Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, will play those twins, Simon and Jared (he's the bad one), while Bolger will play sis Mallory.

The film is based on yet another of the endless list of young adult fantasy series recently snatched up by Hollywood; this one is about three kids who move into an ancient mansion (the Spiderwick of the movie's title), "where they discover Brownie, an enchanted creature who introduces them to a world of goblins, fairies and sprites." Mark Waters (of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, both of which are votes in his favor) will be directing starting this fall, working from a screenplay that The Hollywood Reporter (but not the IMDb) claims was written by John Sayles.
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