Recent Theatricals

Ask the Dust (Paramount) -- Apparently there's a reason Robert Towne only directs one movie every eleven years. (filmmaker commentary, featurette)

The Benchwarmers (Sony) -- If these knuckleheads make you chuckle, you'll dig this flick. Me? Crickets. (two commentaries, four featurettes, four deleted scenes)

Final Destination 3 (New Line) -- Because it's fun to see fictional (and very obnoxious) characters get slaughtered in really elaborate ways. (filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, documentary, three featurettes, "Choose Their Fate" jumble-y option)

Foreign, Arty & Limited

Awesome; I F*ckin' Shot That! (ThinkFilm) -- The Beastie Boys' Citizen Kane. (a capella audio option, band commentary, two featurettes, etc.)

Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story (Shout! Factory) -- Sort of a Christopher Guest movie, only with paintball. And that Rob Corddry guy. (two commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes)

Fortress (WB) -- A rather cool Aussie thriller with Rachel Ward that used to play three times a day on HBO. (no extras)